CS2 Process Panel Meter

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Products Specification

FeaturesDC Process ControllerStrain Gauge ControllerPotentiometer ControllerResistance Controller
ApplicationDisplay, Control (4 Relays Output) & Analogue Output &, RS485 Port
MeasurementDC Signal, 0-10Vdc; 4(0)~20mAdcmV/V (Load Cell or Strain Gauge)PotentiometerResistance
Input RangeVoltage: 0~50mV, ~,0~20V Current: 0~1mA,, 0~20mA with Input High & Low function1.0mV/V 40.0mV/V with input High & Low function0-50.0/2.0Ω; 0~2.0K/~100.0KΩ (3-wire) with Input High & Low functionPotentiometer: 0.00-20.000KΩ (2-wired) with Input High & Low function
Display RangeAnalogue Input High/Low setting, Hi/Low scaling: -19999 +29999
Display Accuracy±0.04% of F.S.
User FunctionSecurity Pass code, Function Lock, Low Cut, Average, Digit Filter…, ECI: PV Hold, Max./Min. Hold, Tare, DI
Control Output4 Relays (10A/115V x 2, 3A/115V x 2) for Hi/Lo/HH/LL with Start Delay, Hysteresis, Relay ON/OFF delay, energized Hold, DO
Analogue Output0-10V or 0~20mA Isolation; With input & powered Accuracy: 0.1% of F.S., 16bits DAC (Analog output relative scaling high & Low)
Excitation SupplyDC 24V/ 30mADC 5V/10V50-10KΩ, 0.2V; 10K-50KΩ, 2.0V0.04 2.0mA
CommunicationRS485 Modbus RTU mode, Baud rate: up to 38400 programmable
Max. Input over Capability(Voltage): 1.2 x rated continuous, 1.5x rated for 10 seconds
(Current): 10 x rated for 10 seconds
Response Time0.1 (sec.)
AdjustmentDigital adjust for Zero & Span of PV & Analogue OutputDigital adjust for Zero & Span of PV & Analogue Output Field Calibration with transducersDigital adjust for Zero & Span of PV & Analogue Output
Power SupplyAC 115V, 230V, 50/60Hz; Optional: AC/DC85-264V or 20~90V (RoHS version)
Operating Temp.0 ~ 60°C
Operating Humi.20 95% RH, Non-condensing
Temp. Coefficient100ppm/°C (0-50°C)
Dielectric StrengthAC 2KV, (1 min. Between Power/Input/Output); AC3KV, (1 min. Between Terminal/Case)
Insulation ResistanceDC 500V 100MW (Between Power / Input/Output)
Installation/DimensionBy Panel Mounting, Panel Cutout size: W92xH44, Meter Dimension: W 96 x H 48 x D 120mm


CS2 Process Panel Meter

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