EL-2 Ceramic Heater

The Outstand Infrared Heater EL-2 corresponds to the reqiurements of various applications. Exchanges or upgrades are easily possible because of its compatible geometry.

Due to the integrated heat insulation and the relatively low weigth of 185g EL-2 radiators are suitable for building up heating panels with high performance.

The special ceramic material as well as the electrical design guarantee for short heat-up times and a long operating life.

According to the rule and principle of basic physics,Black body defined to have best radiant absorption.

Product Specification

Heater and Power EL-22504006508001000W
Power density16.826.943.753.867.2KW/m²
Typical operating temperature420530660700730°C
Max. permissible temperature600650700750780°C
Wavelength range2 to 10μm
Heat-up time constant3.
Cool-down time constant1.
Type good temperature150200250280300°C


EL-2 Ceramic Heater

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