FA Din Rail Mount Controller

FA200 Advance Type | FA211 Economic Type

  • DIN RAIL or Screw lock mounting for FA200 & FA211, or extra free magnetic seat mounting for FA200.
  • High Reliability Modbus communication, Easily connect with HMI and PLC
  • Supply free of charge of monitoring software, it is very convenient for short distance operation to remote control & parameter copy.
  • Additional Copy function, correspond to parameter setting for a considerable assembly, Avoid the mistake and save much time
  • Small volume, multi pieces assembly side by side, composed of multi points & circuit controllers instead of single loop & point control.
  • Down lift and transparent cover design, easily open and avoid mistaking touch & operation
  • Directly use and correspond to universal voltage AC100-240V without connecting external DC power and can save the cost

Products Specification

ModelAdvance Type FA200Economic Type FA211
Wiring terminalPlug in out terminalfixed terminal
Parameter settingby external control panel or by communicationbuild in 4 operating keys or by communication
AssemblyDIN rail, M4 screw hole, magnetic seatDIN rail or M4 screw hole mounting
DisplayPV single display or plus external control panel with double displaysingle display
Standard accessories1 Output & 1 Alarm
maximum expansibility1 Output + 2 Alarms or 2 Outputs + 1 Alarm
programmable 2 patterns by 8 segmentsYes (Option)YES (Option)
High life SSRYes (Option)YES (Option)
communicationYes (Option)YES (Option)
Motor Valve ControlYes (Option)No
TRSYes (Option)No
Remote SVYes (Option)No
Heater Break Alarm (HBA)Yes (Option)No
Supply VoltageAC 85-265V
Frequency50/60 HZ
Power ConsumptionApprox 4VA
Data ProtectionEEPROM, Endurance: 1 Million write cycles, Data Retention : 10 years
Isolated resistancemain loop-case(ground)、control loop – case (ground) DC500V > 10MQ
Dielectric Strengthmain loop -case(ground) AC 1500V 1min / control loop – case (ground) AC 1000V 1min
Vibration Endurance10~55HZ 0.5mm (MAX 2G) XYZ various direction 2h
Assault Endurance100m/s2 (Approx 10G) XYZ various direction 3 times
Display Height of Control boxLED Module PV: 14mm SV : 10mmnot available with external control panel
Display Height of single range LED7 segments digital display: 7mm
Dimension40 x 107 x 43 mm
WeightApprox. 115g
Operating Ambient temperature0-50°C
Operating Ambient humiditycorrespondent humidity 20-90% RH without dew
Reserved Temperature-25°C ~ + 65°C
Control methodHeating, Cooling single output or Heating & Cooling both output PID,PI,PD,P,ON/OFF(P=0), FUZZY
PID ParameterP: 0.0-200.0% 1:0~3600 sec. D: 0~900 sec.
Control Cycle0-150 sec.
Inputthe point of signal point1 point
Accuracy0.2% Full Scale ± 1 digit
Sample time250 ms
TCK, J, R, S, B, E, N, T, W5Re/W26Re, PLII, U, L
RTDPT100, JPT100
mA (DC)4-20mA, 0-20mA
Voltage (DC)0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V, -10-10mV, 0-10mV, 0-20mV, 0-50mV, 10-50mV
DP Position OptionWhen using the input of sensor signal, DP position for PV can be selected the sensor code No. 1~ 52
0000 000.0 00.00 0.000When using the input of DC mA or Voltage, DP position for PV can be selected code No. 61 ~96 by DP Parameter.
Output FeaturesAdvance Type FA200Economic Type FA211
Output 1RelaySPDT type (a point 8A, b point 3A 220V)SPST type (1a point 8A 220V)
for external SSR driveON: 24V, OFF: OV, Max. load current 20mA
4-20mA / 0-20mAMax. load resistance 560 Q
0-5V, 0-10 VMax. load current 20mA
SSR high life relay1A TRIAC SSR (Option)
Output 2RelaySPST type 8A 220V
for external SSR driveON: 24V, OFF: OV, Max. load current 20mA
4-20mA / 0-20mAMax. load resistance 560 Q
0-5V, 0-10 VMax. load current 20mA
High life relay1A TRIAC SSR (Option)
CommunicationsInterfaceRS-485 two wires Half Duplex
ProtocolModbus RTU Modbus ASCII – TAIE
Data bit8 bit
Start bit1 bit
Stop bit1 bit or 2 bit
Baud rate38400、19200、9600、4800、2400 bps
Error examineParity even、odd or CRC-16 (in Modbus)
Connective piecesMaximum 32 pcs
Communicate rangeMaximum 1200 m
AlarmsAlarm 1 RelaySPDT type (a point 8A b point 3A 220V)SPST type 1a point 8A 220V
Alarm 2 RelaySPST type 8A 220V
Alarm setting range-1999-9999 (Dot positions are different depended on the various Input Types)


FA Din Rail Mount Controller

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