IST Isolated Temperature Transmitter


  • Model: IST-D is suitable for DIN Rail mounting
  • Model: IST-H is suitable to mount inside of the Thermocouple Head (ex: model: KN head)
  • Programmable for various input signals, measuring range
  • Configurable without external Power Connected.
  • Configurable Input: Resistance thermometer (Pt100), Thermocouple (J,K,T,E,B,R,S,N,C), Voltage/Current, mV (V/mA not selectable, request by order.)
  • Output: 2-wire loop-power technology, 4 to 20 mA or 20 to 4 mA analog output.
  • High accuracy in total ambient temperature range.
  • Fault signal on sensor break presettable.

Product Specification

InputThermocouple (T/C): industry standard thermocouple types J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, C (ITS-90).
Pt100: Excitation 180uA. 2 or 3 wire connection (ITS-90 α=0.00385).
Voltage: -60mVdc to 60mVdc or -10Vdc to 10Vdc.
Current: 0-24mAdc
AccuracyRefer to Table in ordering information
A/D Resolution16 bits
Input Sampling Rate<200ms
Power SupplyDC 10 to 36V
Max. Load(V-10)/0.02 (Ω)
Output Resolution0.6μA(15 bits)
Output Response Time<200ms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR)>80dB
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)En 50081-2, En 50082-2
Galvanic Isolation3.75 KV. between input and output
Operating Temperature-40 to 85°C
Humidity0 to 90% RH


IST Isolated Temperature Transmitter

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