ITW/SS Heating Tape


Product Specification

Nominal power output16, 33, 44 or 55 W/m at 240V (For 220V supplies, loadings are reduced by 16%) Special loadings also available.
Supply voltage (AC or DC)240V standard (various voltages up to 600V on request)
Size8mm x 3mm
Loading tolerance-9% +5% of total watts
Area classificationNon-hazardous locations
Maximum withstand temp.250°C non-energised
Minimum temperature-70°C
Maximum pipe temp. (temp. in brackets applies when fixed with FT/3)210°C (215°C) at 16 W/m
170°C (180°C) at 33 W/m
140°C (155°C) at 44 W/m
110°C (130°C) at 55 W/m
Minimum spacing between adjacent turns10mm
Standard lengths La (for fitting to pipe)From 2.2 to 108.5 metres (special long lengths also available)
Heating element
Electrical insulation
Outer covering or carrier
Nickel chrome or copper nickel alloys, (spiralled on flexible glass fibre for short lengths) PTFE insulation 0.4mm thick for use up to 300V (0.5mm for use up to 600V) plus glass fibre braiding silicone varnished
Robust 18/8 stainless steel braid type 316 Robust 18/8 stainless steel braid type 316
Grade (To BS 6351)2.2-High water resistance & high mechanical strength

Product Application

  • Freeze protection to -70°C
  • Process maintenance to 210°C
  • Withstand temperatures to 250°C


ITW/SS Heating Tape

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