Level Float Switch

SFS-SUF-H | SFS-SUF-L | SFS-HF39 | SFS-VF | LSAZ-100-1/2 | SFS-SUF-L52

  • Non contact sensing avoids false action due to complicated mechanism
  • Low cost, Long life
  • Simple installation, Wide application

Product Specification

OperationON for float rise/OFF for float rise
Max. Switching Capacity50W50W10W50W50W50W
Max. Switching Voltage200VDC200VDC200VDC200VDC200VDC200VDC
Switching Current1.0A1.0A0.5A1.0A1.0A1.0A
Max. Contact Resistance0.2Ω0.2Ω0.2Ω0.2Ω0.2Ω0.2Ω
Reversible Switch ActionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Operating Temperature-20~+120°C-20~+120°C-20~+80°C-20~+105°C-20~+120°C-20~+120°C
MaterialFloat:SUS304/SUS316SUS304/SUS316P.P foamP.P resinSUS304/SUS316SUS304/SUS316
Case:SUS304/SUS316SUS304/SUS316P.P resinP.P resinSUS304/SUS316SUS304/SUS316
Float Gravity0.80.80.640.650.80.8

Product Application

  • Electric applications: Humidifier, Drinking Water dispenser, Water tank control of micon toilet, Water displacing system of air conditioner…etc.
  • Automatic control: Environmental control equipment, Cooling water tank…etc.


Level Float Switch

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