Multipole Connector

KS | KM | KL | KXM Series

All series’ terminals with wire protection excepting the series KM03, KS03, KXM4/2 without wire protection

Product Specification

Number of contacts4 + ⏚3/6/10/16/24/32/48 + ⏚3/6/12 + ⏚4 & 2 + ⏚
Rated Current10A max.16A max.35A max.80A/16A max.
Rated Voltage250V~400V~400V~690V/400V~
Dielectric Test Voltage2KV 1 minute3KV 1 minute3KV 1 minute4KV/3KV 1 minute
Volume Resistance1ΜΩ1ΜΩ1ΜΩ0.3mΩ/1mΩ
Temperature Range-40~125°C
Protection CategoryIp54 when matedIp54 for 3P, others Ip65 when matedIP65 when matedIP65 when mated
Cross section0.5-2.5mm²0.5-2.5mm²1-6mm²1.5-16mm²/0.5-2.5mm²
Terminal ScrewsM3 Steel Nickel platedM3 Steel Nickel platedM4 Steel Nickel platedM3/M6 Steel Nickel plated
Protection Cover
6~24P is Nylon 66.V-03~6P is Nylon 66.V-0Nylon 66.V-0
Plug and Socket InsertKM32/KM48/KL12 by Aluminum Die-casting Alloy
Contact elementsGlass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate V-0
Contact SurfacesCopper Alloy
Earth Connector PartHard-Sliver plated
Locking LeversBrass Nickel plated
Pressing Lock-NutNylon 66.V-0
GasketsNeoprene (resistant to oil and ageing)
Hood and HousingAluminum Die-casting Alloy


Multipole Connector

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