Shihlin Inverter

SS2 | SE2 | SF-G Series

  • Built-in shuttle knop to adjust output frequency and set parameters easily
  • Built-in RS-485 communication interface
  • Support MODBUS and Shihlin communication protocol
  • Built-in proportion linkage control function to support multi inverters connection
  • Maximum 650Hz frequency output
  • Support DIN rail mount
  • The resolution of frequency setting: digital 0.01Hz; analog 1/1000
  • The accuracy of output frequency: 0.01%
  • Multi-function input/output terminals
  • Support 2 analog setting types: 0-10V and 4-20mA

Product Specification

Model SS2-021-_ _ _K0.4K0.75K1.5K2.2K
Applicable Motor CapacityHP0.5123
OutputRated output capacity KVA (Note)0.951.52.54.2
Rated output current A (Note)2.74.5811
Overload current rating150% 60 seconds; 200% 1 second (inverse time characteristics)
Maximum output voltage3 Phase 200~240V AC
Rated power voltageSingle phase 200~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power voltage permissible fluctuationSingle phase 170~264V 50Hz/60Hz
Power frequency permissible fluctuation±5%
Power source capacity KVA1.
Cooling methodSelf-coolingForced air cooling
Weight (kg)



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