Standard Straight MI Coil Heater

Product Specification

ModelVoltage (V)Wattage (W)‘L’ (mm)
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 150watt-L350-K230150350
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 180watt-L400-K230180400
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 200watt-L450-K230200450
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 250watt-L500-K230250500
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 300watt-L600-K230300600
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 400watt-L750-K230400750
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 500watt-L900-K230500900
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 600watt-L1100-K2306001100
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 800watt-L1400-K2308001400
HQMIH (3×3)230 x 1000watt-L1700-K23010001700

Product Application

  • Suitable to install for Extrusion Machine to heat up the nozzles.
  • Heating piping system, Heat tracing for pipes and etc.


Standard Straight MI Coil Heater

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