TDS-F8 Frequency Inverter

TDS-F8 Series

  • PWM control, Built-in RS485 & PID function
  • 3 skip-Frequency setting, 2 ACC/DEC time S curve setting
  • Simple PLC function remote control,
  • Pump control automatic energy saving
  • Pressure setting & constant pressure control

Product Specification

Input Voltage Class220VAC Class (Single-Phase)/3 phase
Max. Applicable Motor (HP)0.512
Max. Applicable Motor (KW)0.40.751.5
Rated Output Capacity (KVA)1.422.7
Rated Output Current (A)
Max. Output Voltage (V)3-Phase 200V-230VAC (Proportional to input voltage)
Max. Output Frequency (Hz)Through parameter setting (Max. 400Hz)
Power SourceSingle Phase 200V~230VAC (-15%~+10%), 50/60Hz+5%
Operation ModeLED operator
Control ModeSine PWM
Frequency Control Ranges0.1Hz~ 400Hz
Frequency AccuracyDigital Command: ±0.01% (-10~+40°C), Analog Command: ±1% (at 25±10°C)
Frequency Command ResolutionDigital Command: 0.01Hz, Analog Command: 0.06Hz/60Hz
Frequency Output Resolution0.1Hz
Frequency Setting SignalDC 0-10V/4-20mA
Acc./Dec. Time0.0~999.9sec. (Accel/Decel Time can be set individually)
Voltage-Frequency CharacteristicsV/F Curve can be set through parameter setting
Basic Control FunctionAuto torque Boost, Slip Compensation, Restart after momentary power loss, Energy saving, PID Control, Simple PLC function
Extra FunctionUp/Down operation, Cumulative Power ON & Operation hour memory, 4 different sets of fault status record (Including latest one), RS485 (MODBUS Protocol), Multiple-Pulse Output Port, 1 Analog Output Port


TDS-F8 Frequency Inverter

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