TDS-V8 Frequency Inverter

TDS-V8 Series

  • Sensorless Vector control with auto tuning system. The autotune feature can be used to identify and store the important motor parameters for the sensorless Vector Control Mode.
  • LED operator or Dialogic LCD operator (English/Chinese) with the function of parameters coping is optional.
  • Communication function: RS-485 installed (MODBUS RTU protocol)
  • Frequency control ranges from 0.1 Hz to 400 Hz with resolution of 0.01 Hz
    Frequency setting signal DCO~10V/4~20mA
  • Two sets of analogical output interface each provides 11 individual analogical signals setting.
  • PID Control, simple PLC function, Energy saving, Multiple Frequency Pulse output.
  • Auto torque boost, slip compensation.

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TDS-V8 Frequency Inverter

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