WithdrawableTubular Heater


These alloy sheathed alternatives to ceramic bobbin heaters are designed to improve service life where ceramic bobbins will deteriorate through physical damage. They insert into a 50mm nominal diameter sheath (refer over page). All units consist of 3 ‘U’ shaped elements each rated at 240volts (Except the 15kW 40255×60.T41.150). They may therefore be wired for 415/240V star connection or 240V single phase. Min. length available 300mm penetration. Max power density 31kW/m².

Product Specification

40255 x 12T24077507.75660
40255 x 12T2415150015.5660
40255 x 12T2430300031660
40255 x 15T24099007.75813
40255 x 15T2418180015.5813
40255 x 15T2436360031813
40255 x 16T241010007.75864
40255 x 16T2420200015.5864
40255 x 16T2440400031864
40255 x 20T241212007.751067
40255 x 20T2424240015.51067
40255 x 20T24484800311067
40255 x 24T241515007.751270
40255 x 24T2430300015.51270
40255 x 24T24606000311270
40255 x 29T241818007.751525
40255 x 29T2436360015.51525
40255 x 29T24727200311525
40255 x 32T242020007.751676
40255 x 32T2440400015.51676
40255 x 32T24808000311676
40255 x 40T242525007.752083
40255 x 40T2450500015.52083
40255 x 40T2410010000312083
40255 x 48T243030007.752490
40255 x 48T2460600015.52490
40255 x 48T2412012000312490
40255 x 60T243737507.753100
40255 x 60T2475750015.53100
40255 x 60T41150*15000313100


WithdrawableTubular Heater

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